Sunday, June 23, 2013

Partners Wanted, Must Be Willing to Fight Invasive Plants

Glastonbury Partners in Planting is looking for other like-minded groups and organizations who want to help fight the local invasive plant problem, in particular oriental bittersweet.

By forming broader partnerships, sharing knowledge and pooling resources we can make this a true community-wide effort to address a community-wide problem. The problem may be here to stay but we can work together to minimize its spread and damage. The alternative (doing nothing) is unthinkable to everyone who appreciates the town's natural beauty.

There are many garden, nature, and conservation groups in Glastonbury who are concerned about the damage being done to our trees and landscape by oriental bittersweet. Many businesses in town have an interest in seeing the problem contained. Various groups who use town parks (baseball teams, etc.) are also concerned and at least one team has already worked with the town to help out at Riverfront Park.

By joining together we can make our collective efforts much more efficient and effective, inspire more community involvement, and help control the problem in more areas.

We invite interested groups to join the effort beginning with our planned work day in September. If you belong to a club, organization, team, group or business interested in helping on the work day or with the 2014 overall invasive plant strategy let us know! Please contact