Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Battling Bittersweet" Work Day Exceeds Goals!

Congratulations to the nearly 80 intrepid bittersweet battlers who worked on September 28th at Riverfront Park!

The results exceeded all expectations, with 100% completion of the planned area. Many non-invasive plants were revealed under the vine cover, struggling to survive. They will provide an excellent basis for the restoration of the understory.
In addition to the original work site, a number of battlers moved to the tree nursery and removed bittersweet from the collection of beneficial trees in the nursery that are awaiting replanting in different areas of town (for more information on the tree project CLICK HERE ).

Everyone enjoyed removing vines from the majestic trees and native plants in the work area, knowing they have saved them from a long slow death by bittersweet. It was also a real pleasure to hear the positive comments and appreciation expressed by people using the walking path adjacent to the site.

Above: Just one of the many Work Day debris piles.
The rings on many vines indicated over 30 years of growth.
We saw enough tree and habitat destruction to believe it!
The highest kudos and thanks to every volunteer, to the Parks and Recreation Department, and to Greg Foran and his crew who helped with vine cutting and worked hard to carefully and sparingly treat the cut stumps of the vines. It was a great day!