Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't Decorate With Invasive Oriental Bittersweet

With Halloween and the holidays quickly approaching 'tis the season for many Glastonbury residents to add a festive splash of color to their front doors by adding a wreath or other natural decoration. It's also a good time to remind friends and neighbors- don't decorate with oriental bittersweet! The berries will fall from the vines or be carried by birds, spreading the misery of oriental bittersweet investation around town and contributing to the increasing damage and destruction of our trees.

And what about those fake plastic oriental bittersweet wreaths? Bad idea. Nope, they don't produce tree-killing plastic vines in the spring but they do spread the popularity and eye-catching appeal of natural bittersweet wreaths. With the abundance of berry-laden vines in town just waiting to become wreaths there will always be folks who haven't yet connected all those dead trees along the Route 3 Putnam Bridge approach to the pretty killer hanging on their front door.

Here's a link to another article on this topic: