Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November "Save A Tree" Work Day Successful!

On November 17th a group of 15 highly experienced "Gold Level" bittersweet battlers met at Riverfront Park (with Town approval) to cut vines along the river trail. The trail is south of the drainage swale (which is just south of the new boat house location) and runs along the river toward the water treatment facility behind Town Hall. It is a potentially beautiful trail, referred to by many as one of the hidden gems of Riverfront Park.

This was our first experiment with the newly created "Gold Level" designation, which indicates a participant has been vetted and approved to work on our more challenging bittersweet projects.

If you have strong experience with bittersweet eradication (participating in our 9/28/13 Work Day, for example) and are interested in joining the Gold Level team please drop an e-mail to information@gpip.org briefly outlining your experience. Once approved you will be added to the Gold Level list and notified of Gold Level "Save A Tree" events.

For more information on our Work Day Strategies click on "Strategies."

First cut vine of the day was a 30+ year old specimen.
The view is slowly improving!
Evelyn versus the vines.

Where's Jan?

Lynn and Wayne work along the river.

Dick G. opens up the trail.

What's going on here??