Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Good Resources (Including Facebook)

We're continually reaching out to other organizations to form new partnerships and identify resources for invasive plant information and projects in our area. Here are several worth checking out:

Early Detection & Distribution Mapping Systems ( EDDMapS is a web-based invasive plants mapping system. It's fast, easy to use and doesn't require Geographic Information Systems experience. Smartphones and GPS are helpful but not necessary. There are also some simple and very accurate "low tech" options for the rest of us.

Outsmart Invasive Species Project: This project is sponsored by our neighbors in Massachusetts and also uses EDDMapS. Their site has useful videos on invasives in general and a good explanation of how to sign up for and use EDDMapS.

CT River Invasives YouTube Channel: Outstanding videos on how to identify key invasives. A must-see.

New York State YouTube Channel: More videos and a lot of information on the NY invasives speaker and webinar series.

Invasives on Facebook: You can receive invasive plant updates from the following sources (use your Facebook search to find each page, then click "Like"). If you know of other good invasive plant Facebook pages please let us know via
  • Glastonbury Partners in Planting, Inc.
  • Outsmart Invasive Species
Let's Work Together To Get Rid Of This Invasive Tree-Strangling Nightmare
(photo at Riverfront Park, December 2013, copyright GPIP)