Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Garlic Mustard: Do It Now

If you haven't pulled up garlic mustard (GM) infestation, do it as soon as possible because time is quickly running out. The seeds will be maturing very soon, dispersing, and then it's too late. A single plant produces thousands of seeds and they can remain viable for up to 5 years. CLICK HERE for a great fact sheet with more information. You may have also seen GPIP's garlic mustard fact sheet in a recent issue of Glastonbury Life. Read about Newton's (MA.) experience with garlic mustard here.

Tips: When you pull GM place it directly into a large black contractor's clean-up bag. Don't carry around the pulled GM in your hands as you move from place to place pulling more weeds because seeds may dislodge from the pulled plants and now you're acting as a dispersal agent not an eradicator. Once you have filled the bag close it up and place it on the driveway in direct sun to cook the plants, then dispose of them via the trash.

Keeping this post short- gotta go pull garlic mustard now! Film at 11:00.