Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ferry Landing Park "Partner Day" A Success!

Some of the fifteen volunteers who gathered at Ferry Landing Park. (GPIP photo)
Beautiful weather greeted the fifteen bittersweet battlers who convened at Ferry Landing Park on June 7th to cut oriental bittersweet vines. The goal of vine-cutting is to save trees by killing the strangling vines, eliminate the vine foliage that takes over the tree canopy, reduce weight on the tree which reduces wind, snow and ice damage, and stop development the hundreds of thousands of berries that would otherwise be produced and spread the infestation to other locations. This is especially important along the Connecticut River where invasive plants are a threat to the riparian trees that hold the soil along the riverbanks.

For this event Glastonbury Partners in Planting teamed up with the Land Heritage Coalition and Kongscut Land Trust, two Glastonbury conservation groups. We hope to revisit the site in the fall for a second Partner Day.

Kudos to the Fantastic Fifteen!!!   (click here for more pictures!)