Monday, September 29, 2014

Mile-A-Minute Vine, Asian Weevils, Battling Botanists, and the New York Times

In 2013 there were at least two sightings of mile-a-minute vine in Glastonbury, one of which was documented by our friends at UConn (CLICK HERE to go to the Invasive Plant Journal's 2013 post about the discovery). In both instances the vines were removed but we have to assume that Glastonbury is at the beginning stages of a long-expected mile-a-minute infestation. With 52 square miles, much of which is wooded, there have to be unnoticed infestations that will spread and establish a seed bank before they're noticed. Well on that cheerful note...

There were two excellent articles in the New York Times recently featuring mile-a-minute vine. Links follow. The first is about infestation in New York City parks and attempts to control via the Asian weevil. The second is about two Connecticut botanists and their continuing battle against mile-a-minute vine. The article states that the vine has been documented in 42 Connecticut towns.

Urgent Task For Insect: Stop A Relentless Vine
On Patrol With the Weed Warriors